About Us

Mountain Pong can be played at tailgate parties, at house parties, and even at the beach!

          Mountain Pong is the latest and greatest evolution of the college classic pong. By incorporating a multilevel cup holder, Mountain Pong adds a completely new twist to the game. This idea was brought about when the creator was in college and decided he was sick of the same game at every party. This idea is functional and practical to where the mountain adds a solid base to the game, which prevents the cups from being spilled or knocked over. The design allows for different ways to play the game, such as Speed Rules, Expedited, Make It Take It, or lastly, Climbing the Mountain. The original idea was to create a game that is more challenging and fun, but is also easy to understand and that anyone can play. Once you play Mountain Pong, you will never want to return back to classic pong.


Mountain Pong consists of two scoring containers that serve as goals.

Place each Mountain Pong on opposite sides of an 8 foot table. Place the pointed end towards the opposing Mountain Pong.

Place disposable plastic cups in each of the twelve holes in each Mountain Pong. Two Ping-Pong balls are to be used in gameplay.

Place some amount of liquid in each of the twelve cups so balls do not bounce out.

Gameplay Rules:

Standard (Make It Take It)

Mountain Pong is generally played with two teams, in which each team takes turns (both partners on a team shoot, then the opposing team shoots) throwing a Ping-Pong ball into the other team’s cups. Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away. If both teammates successfully hit a cup, the balls are rolled back and the shooting team shoots again. The team that successfully hits all of the opponent’s cups wins the game. Winner of the game typically stays on the table and awaits the next challenger.

Advanced (Climbing the Mountain)

In the advanced and more challenging version of Mountain Pong, each team must climb the mountain in order to win. Each team must make the bottom six cups at the first level. Once a team has made all six cups in the first level, the team advances to the next level with three cups. The team must make all three cups in order to move onto the next level with two cups. The top cup is the last cup to make for a team to win. If both teammates hit the cups, the balls are rolled back, and they get to shoot again.


The expedited version allows games to go quicker. In this version, the shooter is rewarded when an upper-level cup is made. If the shooter makes the top cup, then he/she is rewarded with the top cup as well as three of the base six cups. If the shooter makes a cup from two-cup level, that cup is removed and two cups are removed from the base 6 cups. If the shooter makes a cup from the three-cup level, then that cup is removed and one cup is removed from the base camp (bottom six cups). If the shooter makes a cup from the base camp, then only that cup is removed.

Speed Rules (Fastest Rules)

Similar to Expedited rules, however, only the base six cups are needed to win. The bonus cups are still in play and allow teams to remove base cups quicker than hitting the base cups individually. The only major change is that the top cup is now an instant win for the team that hits it successfully. Therefore, for a team to win, it must either successfully hit all six base cups on the opposing mountain, or hit their top cup for the instant win.

Make Up Your Own Game

Mountain Pong is designed to be played in a variety of different ways. Make up your own house rules, and become king of the mountain!